StreetSuds provides professional laundry services that are customized to fit our clients’ needs. We wash, fold, iron and deliver to organizations or small businesses in the Montreal area. 

Why choose StreetSuds?
  • StreetSuds’ unique program can provide a professional laundry service that caters to you, offering you exactly the services you need​
  • Our small-scale operations mean that you are treated like family
  • StreetSuds’ triple bottom line increases your business’ social, economic and environmental responsibility
  • By using StreetSuds’ laundry services, your business would not only be benefitting from an excellent laundry service but also helping marginalized and less fortunate individuals gain the structure and skills that they need to improve their lives
  • We only use top of the line equipment and cleaning products
Our Machines

Dalex, the leader in the Fabricare and Laundry Equipment industry, offers experience, quality, value and integrity. After meeting with Dalex’s CEO in Toronto, we are 100% confident with them as an equipment provider, and they have helped us choose the best brand and value of industrial equipment.  All of our washer and dryers are Milnor.
Our Cleaning Supplier: Diversey 

Diversey is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional marketplace, serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors, as well as building service contractors worldwide. Their expertise in the professional laundry sector means that their team is working with us to ensure that the linens and clothes we wash come out as clean and chemically neutral as possible.

Contact Us

For more information about our services and pricing, please contact the StreetSuds' Director, Genevieve Pinchbeck, by phone at 514-529-0039 or by e-mail at info@stjamescentre.ca.