At the heart of StreetSuds' laundry service lies our transitional employment program, designed for formerly homeless individuals and individuals at-risk of homelessness transitioning from a life of welfare dependency and instability to self-sustainability and autonomy. We encourage stable and long-term working opportunities by teaching job and life skills in a professional setting for those lacking in opportunity, skills and community. 
The Transitional Employment Program
StreetSuds hires participants for the duration of one year. Program participants work 20 hours per week in the laundry facilities under the guidance of a Floor Manager. Here they are trained in the laundry service industry, given relevant work experience for a future in the labour market and given the opportunity to learn about the different areas of a professional business, from inventory and maintenance to delivery and client relations.
Participants must remain on welfare for the duration of the program, while receiving an additional monthly allowance as part of Emploi Québec's PAAS Action program. 
Upon graduation, participants have the opportunity to move away from welfare and into a more permanent job position with a laundry service or other applicable company.
Personal Development
Participants are required to meet weekly throughout the one-year program with a Case Worker to establish and work towards a personal goal plan, as well as to address personal issues that they may be experiencing.
Life Skills Training

Program participants also take part in life skill workshops totaling four hours per month (in addition to their required work hours) in which they learn various skills such as assertive communication, stress management, budgeting, and interview techniques.
Contact Us

In order to find out more about our transitional employment program, contact the StreetSuds Program Coordinator, Matthew Kerr, at 514 529-0039, or the Director of the St-James Drop In Centre, Alain Spitzer, at 514-288-0039.
Participant brochures (see link) 
Our Participant Brochures